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Premium Bait Dip
Premium Bait Dip
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VAT content: 7%
Gross weight: 350 g
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This bait dip is from the top quality Premium range and is simply the best dip available from SBS. If you are using Premium hook baits this is a perfect addition because it contains all the fish-catching properties of the basic mix in liquid form. It has the perfect combination of vitamins, aromas and different feed stimulating attractors making Premium Bait Dip extremely irresistible to fish. It is available in 10 different flavours. It is important to keep in mind the indicated season when selecting a flavour. Even the best baits will not be as effective if not chosen for the right season. The sweet and spicy All Season Corn and M3 are all year round dips while M1, Ace Lobworm, AV1 and Fruit & Nut flavours work better in colder waters. The two most attracting flavours on hot summer days are M2 and Bio Big Fish. Many gold medals have been won by the SBS Szi-Ko Team thanks to the extremely effective M1 boilie and AV1 Dip combination in warming up and cooling waters. Premium dips can be used safely with PVA bags because they are not water based and do not dissolve PVA.

Pack: 250 ml

Ace Lobworm
AV1 (English Toffee)
Bio Big Fish
C1 (Toffee & Tigernut)
C2 (Squid & Cranberry)
C3 (Spicy fruit)
M1 (Spicy)
M2 (Fish and Blood Meal)
M3 (Spicy Toffee)
M4 (Liver)
Phaze1 (Spicy Fruit)

Legend: Spring - Autumn = Summer = All seasons =

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