Carp Fishing with boilies at Lake Balaton

I received a very kind invitation from SBS Happy Carp Gang Team for a short fishing trip to Lake Balaton, of course, I was very glad to go. I was especially thrilled to try the huge water area called the “Hungarian sea”, I even wondered how our boilie baits would cope with the situation. Moreover, I truly hope my dear readers will remember who always argued that “it is easy to catch fish in lakes overcrowded with fish, show me the same on natural waters!”. Of course, I have already written about good results achieved on natural waters but Lake Balaton is really unique for me, it is the largest lake in Central Europe with its 77 km length and 594 km2 water area. Let’s see what results we had on the field test… :-)

The SBS Happy Carp Gang Team: Gábor Bali (on the right), and Dániel Novák (in the middle) who strengthen the SBS team from this year on.

A few shots for those of you who have not admired the extraordinary environment of Lake Balaton….

… this view alone is worth a visit at least once ….

Be careful of the ducks and swans they can easily raise false alarms at night when they swim into the line and you are woken by a shrieking catch alarm. :-)

While the Happy Carp Gang Team fished at greater distances I tried that distance with my right rod and the easily accessible 70 m distance with my left rod.

The main reason of this 70 metre distance was to give information and help to those who can only fish at this shorter distance. I would like to give advice on whether they can be successful from such a distance and if so, how?

The goods news is that the smaller Carp came closer after proper feeding. It almost did not matter whether it was at dusk…

… or in broad daylight I could always count on Carp of 2 to 3 kg …

… just the proper quantity and quality of feeding was required. I will explain everything to you in detail in the short movie attached to this article.

I tried more baits, usually in springtime the most popular is the M1 spicy sausage

… and the new, in 2010, Double Trick Boilies, their special feature is that there is a boiled core under the external soluble layer.

The texture of the external layer looks like the texture of dried soluble boilies…

… when it touches water the external layer …

… dissolves leaving the 16 mm core. It is thrilling to see how it works in water. These pictures cannot show what you see in the short movie on how this “double trick” works. I bet no angler has ever seen such bait before…

My spicy bait was placed on the right-hand rod, I only made a combination of boiled baits on this rod…

… again there were nice results.

Let’s see which baits the “good-humoured team” (as their name shows) used as it was the first time they have fished with SBS Baits on Lake Balaton…

Gaben chose two extremes. While there was a purely simple Fluro pop-up Squid & Octopus on one of his hooks …

… he forced, we can say without hesitation, a brutal selection combination of baits on the other one, a 28 mm sinking and two 20 mm pop-up baits.


The other working combination of baits consisted of a M1 wafter (balanced bait) and one ball of Squid & Octopus Fluro pop formed into a snowman

As I have told you I managed to make the smaller fish swallow the bait at almost any part of the day, however, the larger ones arrived almost without exception at night.

These three Carp, rather valuable ones in this water, were caught during the same night …

Dani caught the largest one, a 13.4 kg Mirror Carp.

… Gaben’s fish is a quite nice 6.7 kg Carp

… and finally my Mirror Carp of 11.76 kg

Unfortunately it is not yet the fashion at Lake Balaton to release…

…each fish without exception…

…from the smallest ones…

…to the largest ones back to their environment in Lake Balaton

It should be an example for everyone to follow. If you want your grandchildren to enjoy fishing in this picturesque environment, follow our example and release the fish after a beautiful picture or a short video are shot.

I hope we have helped you again. Ask the members of the SBS field tester teams including our hosts, the members of the Happy Carp Gang Team, Dániel Novák and Gábor Bali on SBS’s new website if you need more information about the tips and tactics for Lake Balaton.

By: Zoltán Kovács

Picture, video: Péter Kovács

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