1. Select the product(s) you need for the recipe.
2. Indicate the quantity of the product to be used.
3. Select in the menu “Ingredients” the ingredients of your boilies.
4. After you have selected the ingredients enter the necessary quantities.
5. If you have developed a unique catchy recipe feel free to upload it to this website.
6. If you wish, you can order the product made up of the raw materials you have selected. Please note that the minimum quantity of an order is 5 kg.

ECONOMY indicates how economic the product is (i.e. how many boilies can be made for the given quantities).
GROSS WEIGHT: means the gross weight of the given total quantities.
NET WEIGHT: means the actual price of 1 kg boilies made from the given quantities.

At the moment the recipe calculator does not contain any products.
Mailing of the recipe
To mail the recipe registration and log in is necessary!
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