Breaking news! It's a new World Record!

Maybe you remember, that the SBS Szi-Ko Team set a new world record at the 2nd Jászkisér Boilie Cup in 2007, with an amazing 966,20 kgs catch in 96 hours. We knew it is hard to surpass a result like this, but we do not know the word: impossible! ;)

The Team have particapated at the II. Ezerjó Carp Angling Cup in Hungary few days ago, and due to the great team-work, high-quality baits and circumstances, they have won the competition with a terryfying result. We are pleased to announce, that the competition lasted for 96 hours, and the SBS SziKo Team achieved 1415,04 kgs at the last weigh in. According to the cup’s rules this result is a new World Record in its category.

We are going to upload a longer article how we managed to achive this result, but till then let we share some pictures about the event:

The result means almost 15 kgs average per hour night and day. It is really a hard work to do...

With this grasscarp they stepped over the 1000 kgs

Shiny happy people :)

Winner's ceremony

Stay tuned, we are coming soon with the whole story! ;)

SBS Team

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Modified by: Zoli
2011.07.19. 10:08
Hi Fishingforever,

Thank you for your congratulation, we are always working hard during all of the competitions to have a great result like this. It was a really hard work, and we were very tired at the end, but finally it is an amazing feeling that we did it. ;)

Thank you again, stay tuned, because we are going to post an article about this record! ;)

Take care,

modified: 2011.07.19. 10:10
Modified by: fishingforever
2011.07.12. 08:28
Congrat Guys, this is an amazing result! I am just wondering, if anyone can beat this in the future?! It won't be easy... ;)
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